Communiaction providers need to differentiate themselves in the marketplace, deliver new services, attract and retain customers, and drive down costs to create competitive advantage and improve profitability.

Ebyte Consulting Services leverages industry best practices, comprehensive solution sets, and leading-edge technologies to help you address these challenges. Whether your organization is concerned about business and marketing strategy, operations excellence, asset management, or delivery and billing platforms, our consultants will help you leverage your core competencies and bridge the gap between vision and technology.

The cable industry faces fundamental new challenges, from regulatory changes to evolving technologies and the convergence of voice, video, and data. These new factors have altered all areas of the business – from customer relationship management to IT architecture. Ebyte Consulting helps cable providers develop detailed business requirements and implement the system changes needed to support this evolution in the industry. By applying our industry-focused expertise to existing processes, operational procedures, and systems infrastructure, EBYTE can help you prepare for the many challenges to come.


Wireless networks increasingly have become the vehicles for bandwidth-intensive applications, services, and content to the business and consumer markets.

EBYTE Consulting helps your company: Deliver innovative services. Attract new customers. Reduce customer churn rates. Develop billing and payment systems. By working with you in areas ranging from business-process design to analytics and reporting, we help you meet the market demands of an “always-on” lifestyle.

Traditional wireline communications companies face aggressive competition, varying regulatory climates, and the need to provide truly converged services. Together, these factors are testing existing business models and infrastructures.

EBYTE Consulting helps your company move forward in a rapidly changing business landscape by helping you: Make the right strategic moves. Develop desirable product bundles. Deploy new services. Increase customer loyalty.

New content creation and delivery processes are causing a major transformation in the media and content industry. New entrants to the marketplace have quickly become well-established competitors, challenging business models that have thrived for decades.

EBYTE Consulting recognizes that the industry has evolved so rapidly that no one company can lead in all areas. We partner with leading product and technology vendors to provide you visionary solutions. From content creation and management to targeted interactive advertising, we can help you transform your business to meet today's market demands.